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Turkey Won’t Permit Syrian Military in Manbij

The Governing Administration of Turkey vouched that they will never permit the existence of Syrian military inside the city of Manbij, within the northern province of Aleppo.

” Syrian federal government forces must not be permitted to enter Manbij,” stated Turkish International Administrative agency spokesperson Hami Aksoy, without having providing additional information, basing on Turkish news network TRT.

Within a news conference Friday inside Ankara (capital of Turkey), Aksoy additionally disclosed in which the Turkish authorities are going to carry on its own battle in opposition to Prominent Protection Units (YPG, for its acronym in Kurdish).

Shortly after referring to the option regarding United States Leader Donald Trump to take out American troopers out of Syria, the Turkish delegate emphasized that Ankara will definitely never permit the YPG -looked at as terrorists by Turkey– to capitalize on such situation.

On the other hand, on December 28, the Syrian Military went into the north metropolitan area of Manbij, for the very first time in 6 years, after Kurdish militias called for the assistance of the Authorities out of Damascus so as to face impending aggression by Turkey in the northern. part of the Syrian zone.

In addition, within yet another section of his announcements, Aksoy talked about the invasion committed on Wednesday at Manbij to the “coalition” that runs the United States in Syria, to insist on the need to tidy up the region of revolutionaries.

” The assault in Manbij showed once more the significance of cleansing the area of terrorists and the requirement to implement the road map on Manbij,” agreed during June 2017 amongst Ankara and Washington, basing on which the Kurdish militia YPG must leave the location.

The YPG sustained through the USA, control the north locations of Syria.

Ankara looks at this Kurdish militia as an organization connected to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), that it identified as a terrorist institution

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