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Turkey ready to start a military offensive in Syria if the agreement with the US fails

Turkey is prepared to return to its military offensive in Syria in the event that the United States does not meet its obligation to ensure the extraction of Kurdish troops, pointed out Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“If the pledges or guarantees of the United States are not met, we are going to continue the operation within Syria using even greater force,” the Turkish leader informed Middle East Headlines News team, prior to departing for the Russian town of Sochi to meet with his Russian equivalent, Vladimir Putin.

Amnesty International alleges Turkey of detesting the existence of Syrian citizens.

Furthermore, Erdogan claimed he intends to analyze with Putin the extraction of the Kurdish army from locations throughout Syria which are “undoubtedly under the command of Damascus”, he claimed.

” Our experts are going to examine the steps in order to end the presence of the PKK revolutionaries [Kurdistan Workers Party] and even the YPG [Popular Protection Units] in areas where the [Syrian] regime’s military is,” Erdogan told press corps prior to leaving for the Russian urban area of Sochi for a conference with Putin.

The Turkish leader emphasized that turkey and Russia agree “on the necessity to battle all types of the reign of terror or terrorism.”

” Down the road regarding Syria, there is no area for the PKK or the YPG. We expect that with collaboration with Russia, our people might get rid of the danger of reign of terror/terrorism and even separatism,” this individual claimed.

Erdogan included that he additionally intends to analyze along with President Putin the strategies to guarantee efficient activity of the Syrian Constitutional Council, whose initial conference is going to be held on Oct 29th and also 30th at Geneva.

Turkey vs. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: who wins from the arrangements regarding Syria?

On Oct 17th, UNITED STATE Vice President Mike Pence revealed that he agreed along with Erdogan to an armistice within Syria for 120 hrs for the Kurdosyrians to take out their troops around 30 kilometers from the Turkish boundary.

Erdogan claimed that in the course of the procedure inside north Syria the Turkish Army managed to control a region of 2,200 square kilometers and also 160 specific locations.

The procedure referred to as Fuente de Paz focused against the buildups led by the Kurds.

Dozens of nations put down the Turkish aggression by referring to it as an “assault” which breaks the sovereignty, and even territorial stability regarding Syria, several International countries, have pretty much put on hold the supply of weapons to Turkey because of the military offensive in Syria.

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