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Turkey bombs Ras al-Ain on the Syrian border

Turkey returned to the bombing of Ras al-Ain on the Syrian border, also the Turkish Military is attempting to attack the city on land, Syrian Al Ikhbariya revealed.

” The aircraft out of the Turkish regime assault the town of Ras al-Ain, inside the district of Hasaka. Simultaneously, there are efforts with a land procedure [against the town],” basing on the press.

The multimedia adds that Turkish soldiers are actually striking a number of towns just east of Ras al-Ain on Oct 10th. To the north of the district of Raqqa – a location close to the borderline – the Turkish Military presently occupied 15 metropolitan centers, in between communities and farms, basing on the Middle East Headlines News reporter in the area.

The objective of the Turkish Army is certainly at this time to acquire command of the whole region bordering the urban area of Tel Abiad. The city continues to be managed through the Syrian Democratic Troops. The Turkish Military pretty much ejected the Kurds out of the communities out of Yabse and even Tel Fander, situated east of Tel Abiad.

During Oct 9, the leader of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declared the beginning of the Peace Fountain operation within northeastern Syria. The offensive intends to “neutralize revolutionary dangers in opposition to Turkey and also set up a security sector which adds to the homecoming of Syrian evacuees to their properties.”

Turkey strikes 181 Kurdish targets ever since the beginning of its onslaught throughout Syria.

Turkish armies actually assaulted the communities of Al Darbasia, Al Malikiya and even Qamishli in the Hasaka governorate.

The United state of America, the primary ally of the Kurdish militias throughout Syria, has now made things very clear that it is not supporting Turkey’s invasion, and also will not be engaged in this procedure or even keep its own armies within the region.

Damascus does not acknowledge Kurdish liberty within northeastern Syria, that manages the areas east of the Euphrates Waterway, neither its armed forces wing, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS).  So, Turkey bombs Ras al-Ain on the Syrian border.

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