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Trump Warns Iran To Never Threaten The US Again

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US-Iran conflict is getting worse with every passing day. On Sunday afternoon, US President Donald Trump Warns Iran and Its government to never threaten the US again.

He vowed that a war between the US and Iran will mean an official end to Iran.

His statement came after a US Embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad was almost hit. A missile launched from the east Baghdad landed less than a mile away from the embassy. East Baghdad in Iraq is under control of Iranian backed Shiite militant groups.

Tensions between the two countries rose after the US sent warships and bombers to the Middle East to deal with Iran as it was threatening the US interests in the region.

The US decided to take its staff out of Baghdad embassy when the Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo visited the capital and on the basis of solid intelligence told about any possible threats. He told the media that Iran or Iranian backed militant groups are a threat to the US in the Middle East region.

Media reports reveal Trump has appeared to softened his tone for Iran. The two countries are in conflict from some time. Trump also advised Iran to engage in renewed negotiations with his administration and pray that the US doesn’t get into a war with Iran. Sources also revealed that the US Navy is fully prepared and it also carried out exercises in the Arabian Sea.

The Navy spokesperson highlighted the lethality and agility to respond to any threat.

On the other side, Iran is blaming the US for the war. Head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Gen. Hossein Salami while speaking to the commanders was found saying that Iran is not looking for war but the US is. He further added that the US will fail in the future as it is desperate, hopeless and want to get out of the current escalation.

Saudi Arabia’s minister of state for foreign affairs Adel al-Jubeir has also released his statement saying that his country doesn’t want a war in the region. But if the other side, Iran, chooses war over peace, his country is fully prepared and the kingdom will fight with force and determination to safeguard its sovereignty, citizens and its interests.

His statement came after four oil tankers out of which 2 were Saudi were targeted off the coast of UAE. Yemeni rebels claimed the responsibility of the attack on Saudi oil tankers. Saudi Arab has blamed Iran and warned it as it believes Iran has been training and arming the Houthi group which is in war with Saudi Arabia in Yemen since 2015. Iran denied all such allegations of arming the group.

Saudi King Salman has called a meeting on May 30 which will be attended by all the heads of Arab states. Mike Pompeo also met Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman recently but no statement has been released.

All this started after the US withdrew from the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers. Iran has warned to start enriching uranium if no deal is reached by July 7th this year.


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