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Trump seeks to impose conditions on North Korea

The administration of US President Donald Trump seeks to impose conditions and demands on North Korea, an analyst said.

Political analyst Eduardo Vior has assured this Friday, in an interview with HispanTV,  that what the US is looking for with its pressures on Pyongyang is to impose its conditions and demands on the North Korean leadership, especially on the issue of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

“I believe that the United States will continue to negotiate with North Korea, but what happens is that the Trump government intends to surrender to North Korea, that is, that North Korea accepts its conditions and disarms completely and submits economic and strategic conditions imposed by the United States, “said Vior.

Tools Used Against North Korea

Among the tools used by Washington to impose its will, the political scientist has referred to the recent sale of American arms to South Korea, as part of a sophisticated foreign policy the Trump Administration to put pressure on Pyongyang by all possible means to force to the North Koreans to surrender.

On the other hand, said Vior, the United States is increasing its pressure on China to force it to reduce its support to North Korea, so that Pyongyang feel more pressure against it and more easily accept the demands of Washington.

Finally, the commentator has maintained that the rapprochement between the two Koreas is inevitable and that, regardless of what happens in the dialogues between the United States and North Korea, Pyongyang and Seoul will be able to strengthen their ties and reduce their differences.

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