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Here is the Donald Trump Wall News, the slogan “Build the Wall” emerged from Trump’s presidential campaign. This slogan refers to his ambition to build a 2,000-mile length Trump wall, along the entire Mexican border.

Trump Wall was the colloquial name proposed for the border wall. However, the official slogan was ‘Make America Great Again.” Donald Trump got elected by promising to make the United States (U.S.) great again. He believes that a strong country is a country with closed, well-guarded borders.

Why does trump want to build a wall – Trump Wall News continues

The U.S. has a long history of projecting its shadow on the entire world with its economic strength and defensive invincibility. It is also home to a diverse population of “dreamers“, who saw it as the land of opportunity and settled there.

But after being elected President Trump seems to be building another border wall, apart from the Mexican border, a wall around the whole America.

There is a continuous notion of making America isolated from the world in the policies of Trump’s administration.

In the era of Globalization, an atmosphere of nativism is being built by the American President. America’s sudden retreat into old-fashioned protectionism, Washington’s frontal assault on world economic organizations and Trump’s racial policies on immigration, has fueled the fear that “globalization that used be America’s façade is dead,” many are saying.

The U.S. is withdrawing from globalization,” said Joel Trachtman, an international law professor at Tufts University’s Fletcher school. Meanwhile, “the EU and Japan, our competitors, are entering into free trade agreements that will make them more competitive.”

Donald Trump is withdrawing from trade relations with different European and Asian nations.

“While Trump’s administration is walking away from the trade deals and on its way throwing barriers to free trade, the rest of the world is racing headlong to deepen globalization and economic ties.” experts noted.

Trump’s isolation of the U.S. is becoming a “let’s make a deal” for the world. Many are saying

After Trump walked away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), a massive 12-nation trade deal originally encompassing 40 percent of global GDP, the other 11 countries concluded the pact anyway, and it went into effect late last year.

Countries inside the newly named Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership such as Australia, Canada, and Japan are working on a flurry of other bilateral and multilateral trade pacts.

Since Trump took office, the United States has managed to secure only some minor revisions to the existing trade deal with South Korea and updated the existing trade pact with Canada and Mexico, which “still must be approved by Congress,” the source pointed out.

Furthermore, Trump’s administration continues to make changes both small and drastic to U.S. immigration policies.

Pros and cons of building a wall on the border

Taken together Trump’s policies are supporting a nationalist agenda. By keeping more people out, deporting people who are here, and creating an atmosphere of nativism and fear that affects everybody, Trump is attempting to dramatically reduce immigration to the United States, particularly of people of color. The administration is pressing to lower the annual refugee admission ceiling to zero by 2020.

The attacks on immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and others serve an aggressive white nationalist agenda. Trump is targeting everyone: naturalized, legal native-born and undocumented alike. Roughly 800,000 people who entered the US as children have claimed temporary partial legal status. These are so-called Dreamers, whose legal status has been thrown into question by policy changes introduced by the Trump administration.

Trump Wall News, Trump, and Mexico

Policies introduced by Trump are a projection of his protectionist and isolationist ideology. He is building a wall on all sides so that no one can enter and those who have entered are being thrown out.

With the contemporary barriers to trade, the U.S. is likely to find itself on the outside looking in, and in competition with matured competitors.

“If the conditions persist the United States may soon find itself alone, bucking the tide.” sources say.


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