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Trump Visits the Queen

The US president Donald Trump visits the queen in the UK and enjoyed the amazing feast organized at Buckingham Palace and even exchanged a toast.

The president was witnessed sitting right next to the queen on a lavish horseshoe-like table. Lamb and the steamed halibut served with watercress mouse was the menu of the dinner.

Queen Elizabeth said that “economic ties have always kept the United States and Britain united.” She further added that she wants this union of the two countries to stay the same. 

Mr. Trump visits the queen in the UK to celebrate the strong bond between Britain and the United States. He raised the toast and followed his main script. The US president called Queen Elizabeth “The great, great queen”. He further added that the queen was “a constant symbol of these priceless traditions” that represents sovereignty as well as freedom. Mr. Trump clarified how both the countries were united after Great Britain and the United States worked together to defeat Nazi and the Nazi government and had a large number of people freed from autocracy. Ever since the countries united to conquer Nazi regime, their bond strengthened.

Trump visits the queen as the world watched

Donald Trump took a helicopter flight to Buckingham Palace to meet with the Britain queen and Royal Family. The flight took off from the American Ambassador’s place and the President was given a warm welcome with 82-gun salute when the flight landed.

The president was honored with 41 shots, which also highlighted the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation that happened in 1953. As soon as the helicopter landed on the ground of the palace, Mr. Trump and Melania Trump were welcomed and greeted by Prince Charles and his wife. The US President reached the west terrace of Buckingham Palace before Queen Elizabeth accompanied him inside.

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the US president, along with her husband and other White House members stood on the balcony to watch the ceremony. As soon as the ceremony was over, the royal family ushered Trump and his wife to the Courtyard, where Donald Trump went together with Prince Charles to inspect the royal guards.

Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, attended the same trip earlier in May 2011. However, the former president traveled to the Buckingham Palace by a motorcade. Even though the White House members have not yet mentioned anything about their helicopter ride to the UK, reports suggest they were expecting planned protests on the streets of London.

Donald Trump appreciated the indulgence he received at Buckingham Palace.

He described how fantastic his meeting was with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and the Royal family.

He saw a large crowd of Trump’s supporters and well-wishers on the streets of London. Fortunately, there was no sign of protests on London streets at that time according to Trump administration sources.

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