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Trump Proposes Israeli Middle East Peace Plan

WASHINGTON – Trump is anticipated to reveal particulars regarding his Israeli Middle East peace plan on Monday as Palestinian leaders termed it as a proposal “to finish off” the Palestinians.

The current News in the middle east is that President Trump is going to meet individually with right-wing Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and also the middle of the road resistance leader, Benny Gantz within Washington regarding his well overdue propositions, which been concealed and kept as top secret…

Palestinians are afraid the plan of action is going to scurry their chances for an independent country within the West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem, and even the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian innovators claim that they were never invited to Washington and also claim that any peace plan can work without them at that meeting.

Before the U.S.-Israeli conferences, Palestinian Leader Mohammad Shtayyeh pointed out that Donald Trump along with Netanyahu is using the plan as a diversion from their domestic problems.

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