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Trump Happy If North Korea Suspended Weapons Testing

President Trump made it clear that he will be happy if North Korea paused weapons testing, he further added that he was in absolutely no rush if a deal is not struck in this Summit meeting coming up this week with North Korean president Kim Jong Un.

The summit meeting is scheduled to commence on Wednesday within Hanoi, where both leaders will get together in order to discuss denuclearization, trade, as well as other topics pertaining to the Korean peninsula.

In the past when President Trump met with president Un, the agreements made produced very few results.

The Trump administration, as well as officials from other political parties, have cautioned President Trump about cutting any kind of deal which would produce very little results in “curbing North Korean atomic ambitions”.

President Kim Jong Un, at this time, is traveling across China by train, meeting with Chinese Representatives.

Middle East headlines news has learned then Northern Korean news media outlets have cautioned President Donald Trump, “not to pay attention to American critics”, claiming that they have been “disrupting efforts” to improve ties between both countries.

President Donald Trump in Washington said to news media sources on the day that he was leaving for Vietnam, that he is “seeing eye to eye” with North Korean presidents and also that they “have started developing a very good relationship.”

President Trump continued to say ” I’m not in a rush, I don’t want to rush anything.” he then added, ” I just don’t want testing, as long as there’s no testing, we’re happy”.

According to sources, North Korea tested its nuclear Arsenal, which was actually it’s 6th, back in September of 2017, the Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles have not resumed testing since November of 2017.

Mr. Trump continued pressing North Korea to give up its “atomic weapon programs” that might pose any threat to America before Korea can expect any further consensus.

After those hardline speeches, it seems now that President Trump is softening, stating that he would love to “remove existing sanctions once meaningful forward progress regarding denuclearization takes place”.

Just before this second Summit meeting with Korea and the Trump administration, Donald Trump believes that the two leaders can and “will make progress” at this meeting, Trump once again said that “denuclearizing is going to help Northern Korea develop its economy” further.

Trump added that the “Chinese president has been very supportive of the United States efforts regarding North Korea”.

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