Trump Even Closer to Declaring a National Emergency

Mr. Trump is moving even closer to declaring a national emergency in order to finance his long-promised border wall structure, as tension builds to look for an escape hatch created by the 3-week deadlock which has closed up a portion of the state and federal government, leaving behind thousands of employees with no pay.

800,000 employees, over half of these people still at work, ware likely not to see their paycheck Friday following the standstill, and Washington moving closer to establishing a new record with regard to the longest state and federal government shutdown within the country’s history.

These markers– together with increasing impacts to national parks and even the economy in general– left several Republican politicians on Capitol Hill more and more uneasy by Trump’s demands.

Whenever Mr. Trump was questioned by Middle East Headlines reporters regarding the predicament of those people not receiving a check, the commander in chief switched the emphasis, claiming he really felt bad “for people that have family members that have been killed” by criminals that arrived over the border.

Trump went to McAllen, Texas, as well as the Rio Grande Thursday so as to emphasize what he terms “a crisis” of “drugs and criminal activity”, Trump claimed that “if for any reason we don’t get this going”– the arrangement with House Democrats who declined to authorize the $5.7 billion dollars he would like ( DEMAND ) for the wall structure– “I will declare a national emergency.”

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