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Trump Deploying Another 3,750 Soldiers to US-Mexico Border

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump has revealed that the government is actually positioning 3,750 additional active-duty soldiers on the US-Mexico border for a period of 3 months to assist border agents.

Within an announcement, the Government explained the implementation is going to bring up the overall active-duty troops helping United States Customs and also Border Defense agents to roughly 4,350, basing on a report published through the Pentagon.

Nevertheless, extra crews/soldiers are actually being utilized for another 90 days, as the government representative said: “we are going to continue to assess the troop structure needed so as to meet the objective to safeguard and also secure the southerly boundary”.

The statement arrived as bipartisan legislators are attempting to work out a bargain about border safety & security financing with an objective to avoid an additional partial state and federal government closure.

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