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Trump authorized armed soldiers to the border of Mexico

Donald Trump threatens the Mexican Army for the arrest of two US servicemen and announces the sending of armed soldiers to the border.

“Better not to happen again! Now we are going to send armed soldiers to the border. Mexico is not doing enough in detentions and returns (of undocumented emigrants)! “, The President of the United States tweeted on Wednesday.

On April 13, Mexican border guards detained two US servicemen near the city of Clint, in the state of Texas, disarming one of them and pointing their guns at them while they interrogated them, according to US authorities.

The leader of the White House has accused the Mexican Army of performing a distraction operation in collaboration with drug traffickers.

“Mexican soldiers recently pointed their guns at our National Guard soldiers, probably as a diversionary tactic for border drug dealers,” Trump’s tweet reads.

The Mexican military, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday, citing a statement from the Northern Command, believed that the US soldiers were in Mexican territory at the time of the confrontation.

“After a brief discussion between the soldiers of both countries, the Mexican military left the area (…) Immediately, the US soldiers contacted the Customs and Border Protection Office (CPB), which responded with speed, “says the statement, which announces the start of an investigation in this regard.

Last week, the Newsweek portal revealed orders from the Republican leader for the mobilization of thousands of additional troops to the west of the border with Mexico to shield it from the flow of immigrants from this country.

Trump has focused much of his efforts on stopping the flow of immigrants and harshly criticizes Latin American countries because they believe they do not do enough to prevent emigration, so he intends to erect a wall on the border with Mexico

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