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The Trump Administration Plan for Israel and Palestine

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The Trump administration plan for Israel and Palestine places Jordan in a real tough position.

Having less space to navigate as the White House presses to get a “remedy” to end this dispute which supports Israel’s actions without securing any type of legal rights for Palestinians.

Administrators within Amman view American and Israeli regulations as long-lasting drivers of unpredictability within the Hashemite Empire.

Numerous Arab regions are a lot less confident regarding the normalization of relationships with Israel.

They claimed that a relationship may occur if/when a self-governed Palestinian region is set up based on the 1967 perimeters/agreements establishing Jerusalem as its own capital.

However, Jordan– in spite of reaching peace with Israel– continues to be strongly dedicated to this posture.

Although determined to preserve Amman’s close connection with Washington, the Jordanian administration was quick to react to the “peace strategy” established a  month back, following a White House meeting which included Israeli Leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

Back in Jan. 28th, the Jordan Times released an announcement showing Jordan’s key mediator saying that that “the country’s interests regarding Jordan postures and basic principles toward the Palestinian problem, determine the way authorities handle propositions and efforts focused on resolving the dispute.”

Amman’s minister of foreign affairs warned against “the detrimental repercussions regarding unilateral Israeli procedure, for example, the annexation of Palestinian properties, the construction and growth or expansion of unlawful Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, as well as infringements on religious sites within Jerusalem.”

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