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Trump Accepts an Invitation to Visit Pakistan

Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Qureshi stated that Donald Trump agreed to the invite of Pakistani Leader Imran Khan to go to the region, Geo T. V connection disclosed.

The Pakistani Minister of foreign affairs stated that “all concerns associated with the visit regarding the United States president will be finalized soon.”

” The USA can never sway Pakistan regarding its connections with Russia”
About July 22nd, a business meeting between Trump and Khan was held within Washington.

Basing on the White House, the parties talked about the circumstance inside Afghanistan, in addition, the battle on terrorism.

Donald Trump and Khan admitted that “financial connection among the United State of America and Pakistan is going to add to advancement within Pakistan, and also financial investments and job generation within the USA.”

The AMERICAN commander in chief, Donald Trump at the same time, revealed his optimism that both nations are able to revive reciprocal relationships, broaden trade, and even enhance or boost armed forces / military associations.

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