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Trudeau Issued Marching Orders

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued marching orders to his cabinet on Friday.

While a number of the guidelines come directly from the Liberal project platform, there are a couple of things that are brand-new, or more in-depth than what’s been public in the past.

Here is a note from the ministers’ required letters:

“This should start with regulations to reduce the promotion and appeal of vaping products to young people and public education to create awareness of health risks. You are encouraged to explore additional measures,” her mandate letter reads.

“We made significant progress in our last mandate on supporting self-determination, improving service delivery and advancing reconciliation,” he wrote.

Development Minister Navdeep Bains’ letter asks him to utilize any tools at his disposal to lower the typical cellular phone expense in Canada by 25 percent. While he needs to deal with telecom business to make it happen, Bains is likewise being asked to see that the cell company that re-sell service purchased wholesale from other service providers’ networks broaden and increase competitors.

The letter likewise puts a due date for the Liberals and business to lower costs: Two years.

After that, Bains can make it simpler for “virtual network” operators to certify in Canada and broaden the rates of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Independently, Labour Minister Filomena Tassi is being asked to get federally controlled employees a legal “right to detach” so they can switch off their work phones outside service hours without the worry of reprimand.

Likewise, Minister Catherine McKenna’s letter sets a time frame for provinces and areas to turn over lists of building and construction tasks for federal authorities to think about financing.

The letter states the lists need to be offered “within the next 2 years” which any federal cash “not designated for particular accepted tasks by the end of 2021” will enter into the federal gas-tax fund, which goes straight to towns– and does an end-run around provincial federal governments.

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