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Train Crash in Cairo Leaves Behind at least 25 Dead

CAIRO – A Train crash in Cairo leaves 25 dead in a busy train station on Wednesday, crashing into a barrier, upon impact the locomotives fuel tanks exploded killing at least 25 individuals.

According to officials from the Cairo railroad, the railcar exceeded the speed limit shortly after crashing through a barrier, the official also confirmed that at least “50 individuals have been injured” on top of the death tolls, which are expected to rise.

This rail car was captured on surveillance video barreling towards the barrier and upon impact was engulfed in flames in which passing by individuals became engulfed in the smoke and flames.

Witnesses at the location have confirmed numerous bodies throughout the platform close to the barrier and others say they were watching a male running down a staircase engulfed in flames and panicking, as we understand it, videos and images have been posted throughout social media.

Middle East headlines news team asked officials at the scene “if this was an act of terrorism?”, The official responded by saying “it was too early to rule it out”.

This individual spoke only on conditions of anonymity, due to the fact that he was not authorized to comment to any media sources.

A railroad inspector named Ashraf Momtaz suggested that “somebody might have placed this train in the high-speed mode then quickly jumped off.”

Mr. Momtaz could not confirm at this time if the train actually had a driver at the helm.

However, he did confirm that this particular accident signifies “negligence from the supervisors and driver”.

Rescue teams including many ambulances quickly rushed towards the scene as firefighters and bystanders struggled to contain the flames and tend to the wounded.

Officials also stated that ” the number of injuries and fatalities is expected to rise” once a full investigation has been conducted.

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