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Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death among teens

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death among teens, but the folks at triple-A found that the risk drops by 62 percent when an adult over 35 is in the car with them.

On the flip side and then quadruples when it’s teen and three passengers under 21, so parents are often looking for vehicles that enable them to be in the car with their teens when they can’t be their physically.

Here comes the Technology

“It’s something that we see constantly in the showroom”, said Michael Herrick president of the Liberty Auto Group for one of the automakers that gears technologies towards parents and teens, for example, “we have two different key fobs for a car, one of them, you give to your child and you can govern how fast the vehicle can go”.

How loud they can play the radio, and it allows you to track the vehicle. he said.

Ford has in the last three-four years, paid attention to that market, it’s part of their “my key technology“.

GM has something similar that generates a report card showing miles are driven, top speed and weather safety features like collision avoidance.

Triple-A found the three leading teen driving mistakes involve speeding, being distracted, and poor visual scanning, and so “the way that we addressed that is through a system that we call Toyota safety sensing,” it is a suite of advanced safety features that come standard in almost all the vehicles that we have in our lineup, things like a “pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert” to keep you from drifting and “dynamic radar cruise control” features.

Once viewed as extras, now more and more seen as standard and more and more in demand to give teen drivers an extra layer of protection, and their parents an extra level of comfort, this person stated.

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