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Tornado leaves 3 dead and 174 hurt in Havana

HAVANA – The capital of Cuba was rattled with intense blowing wind and even extreme rains last night and even this morning, leaving 3 dead and 174 hurt in Havana.

A storm left behind 3 deceased as well as 174 injured within far eastern Havana, Cuban Leader Miguel Diaz-Canel pointed out with his Twitter profile today.

The capital of Cuba was without a doubt rocked with powerful wind flow and also massive rainfalls in the evening hours & very early this morning.

A power outage impacted many communities in the middle of Havana close to 9:00 at night.

Diaz-Canel published pictures on Twitter very early today in which he is seen with rescuers, in addition to a picture of what seems to be a motor vehicle overturned due to the hurricane.

Region press barely reported about the storm.

The photos released through Cuban networks and citizens in Havana on Twitter displayed automobiles squashed by falling light posts and also vehicles trapped in floodings all throughout the metropolitan area.

Regional radio said on Twitter that the local communities of Regla and the city of San Miguel de Padrón were also impacted due to the tornado.

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