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The US is Not Prepared for a War Against Russia

The USA is not prepared for a war against the Russian Federation, a couple of sources from the United States Department of Defense have pointed out Friday.

” Many within armed forces circles strongly believe that after 15 years battling terrorism, ground soldiers are ill-prepared to sustain the logistics or even the high caliber of Russian soldiers in the event Russia strikes NATO allies,” the sources claimed.

These particular sources, that requested to stay confidential, have ensured the publication of Middle East Headlines News that the United States would be capable to defeat Russia at present, however, for that, they will need to make use of all of its resources, considering that America is just not prepared yet.

Government authorities keep in mind that Moscow has close to 4,000 nuclear weapons and that in the United state of America there is no comprehensive agreement on the danger that “the Russia of (Vladimir) Putin“, the Russian leader possess.

These individuals claimed that the exercises of the armed forces regarding the NATO (Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization), dubbed the Allied Shield, revealed that Washington, might not wage an extended battle in opposition to Russia.

Nevertheless, these experts have actually thought about an armed dispute among Russia and also the Atlantic Alliance, a scenario of higher risk and with no results, taking into consideration the logistical challenges which exist.

The Head of Personnel of the United States Military, General Ray Odierno, on Wednesday, in the course of a news conference held in the Pentagon, said that Moscow is one of the most dangerous aspects to the safety and security of his nation: “I believe that Russia is the most dangerous country. “

The expanding stress among Russia and the USA gets its beginning during the Ukraine invasion, that up until now has led to 6,400 fatalities and also left 1.3 million internally homeless.

The Western bloc firmly insists that the Kremlin is adding insult to injury within far eastern Ukraine, in which there are skirmishes among the independence & Ukrainian troops.

Moscow has constantly denied any type of involvement within the Ukrainian situation and also has alleged the West, specifically the United States, of being responsible for the mayhem within that region.

In either case, the strain is so very high, that both of these nations take into consideration the alternatives, both in the bureaucratic field and even within the field of battle, from sanctions to armed forces actions.

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