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More and more young people are looking for a study abroad guide that will encourage and prepare them to travel to another country to study another language, continue their professional studies or expand their culture.

Do you dare to live this experience far from your country?


Before embarking on your study trip it is important that you perform some procedures related to the homologation of your degree and university career. To make it easier, you can contact agencies that specialize in study trips.


The countries that most people choose to travel for studies are Argentina, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, New Zealand, and Australia.


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Argentina is a country most chosen by Americans. Why? Because it has great advantages:

Their public universities are totally free.

Its private universities have excellent educational quality and many agreements with foreign study centers.

Buenos Aires is a much-preferred city to live in, it has an economic public transportation system. In addition, it has wide nighttime activity and a lot of cultural offerings.

Buenos Aires

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Public universities in Argentina are totally free.


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Canada is also a favorite destination for students in our region.

It has some of the best research centers in the world and academic institutions.

Its classrooms reflect its cultural diversity, there are many foreigners, so it will be easy for you to adapt.

Many students will be able to secure employment, as they will have recognized qualifications throughout the world.

Canadian universities have high prestige at an educational level.

United States

Studying in the USA

It has an educational system considered one of the most prestigious internationally. A destination that also has several advantages:

Most universities motivate their students to develop extracurricular activities, so you can develop skills and meet people with common interests.

Many universities are located in large urban centers or even small cities with easy access, so choosing a place to live will not be difficult.

If you want to settle on a university campus, it is a very good option, since they offer comfort and safety to the student.

Studying in the United States will give you many opportunities at a professional level.


Studying in Spain

This country is chosen for the language. It is an advantage to be able to speak in your own language, you will also feel comfortable for the cultural proximity, and the price-quality ratio of business schools is very interesting.

Spain has a wide network of universities.

France and the United Kingdom

Studying in the United Kingdom

France along with the United Kingdom are countries coveted by Colombians, above all by architects, engineers, and artists. Many Colombians and Americans alike, choose the United Kingdom since they signed an alliance of higher education, which allows the titles obtained in both countries to be recognized. It also has another huge advantage and that is that postgraduate programs in the United Kingdom are shorter than in Colombia.

The bonus, If you study in France, you will be exposed to the wonderful culture of the country.


Study in Australia

Australia and New Zealand are highly chosen destinations for students since both have high educational standards and cities adapted to receive students from all over the world. They are countries where you will find it very easy to live, the locals will make you feel very welcome, they are very kind and warm. In addition, both countries are very safe, which will give you the peace of mind to use your mobile devices on the street or go out at night without problems.

In Australia, the education offered is immense.


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It has great advantages so that young people can study in, in their country there is the Australian consulate and from Chile, there are direct flights.

Chile has extensive exchange programs.


It is an enriching experience that will fill you with new experiences. The cultural change will make you grow personally, emotionally and professionally.

There are universities that have worldwide recognition and prestige.

In some countries, you may have the opportunity to work and study at the same time.

In some other countries, there is the possibility of obtaining a visa that also allows you to work full time between 1 and 2 years, after graduation.

The options are endless, just reach out to those who have experience in these matters, and get the confidence you need to make the transition to a new and exciting country of learning and adventure.

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