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The Recent Leak of Sensitive Email

The recent leak of sensitive email, composed through an investigatory team of the Association for the Prohibition of Chemical Weaponry’ (OPCW), has now shed brand-new light on the deception encircling the Syrian conflict.

Within the email message, acquired & released by Wikileaks back in November, the analyst revealed his “gravest worry at the variation of the FFM (Fact-Finding Mission) review.”

The OPCW-led fact-finding mission was hit by investigating accusations regarding Syrian government-sanctioned chemical gas attacks at Douma on April 7th, 2018, that led to the demises of 40 to 50 individuals.

Basing on the OPCW whistleblower, the data outlined within the last report, launched in March 2019, “have changed into something rather different from what was initially prepared or revealed to the public.”

This kind of manipulation is simply the outcome of a number of exclusions that amount to “falsification of truth”.

Most importantly, the doctored document verifies the usage of numerous chemical weapons, while the initial variation, prepared by the OPCW investigators, does NOT.

Further documentations, posted through Wikileaks back in early December, provided an additional condemnation of the public objective report.

The most recent leaks have now revealed the degree of the inconsistencies among the examination’s true results and also the posted variation of the document.

According to the UN, almost 500,000 Syrians have been murdered since the start of the dispute and many more millions have already been displaced.

The expenses of this particular conflict are indisputable and the stakes moving forward is quite enormous after the Recent leak of Sensitive email.

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