The Mexican Wall Battle Continues Between Trump and Congress

The battle continues between Donald Trump and Congress regarding the Mexican wall.

“President Trump is trying to gain an advantage”, say sources.

Among many pledges and or promises made by Mr. Trump during his political campaign, the wall seems to be a priority to finish at least one of his “unfulfilled promises”, they said.

Ever since the midterm political elections, President Trump will be holding his very first rally campaign in El Paso Texas, Monday.

This was certainly a defining week for Donald Trump regarding the push of the wall, presidential prospects for 2020 and of course his presidency.

Mr. Trump according to sources quite voice stress regarding this disastrous federal government closure, therefore the Trump administration tactics seem to be convincing American citizens that he will continue to press Congress to build this long-awaited promised boundary wall.

According to sources, in the event that Mr. Trump is successful in acquiring the massive funds needed to build this wall with Mexico and the United States, TimeWise, it could not be completed before the deadline of a new political election to give Donald Trump yet another term at the office.

This Friday’s deadline seems to have several bipartisan groups negotiating before the deadline this Friday.

However, insiders have confirmed that the mood between the negotiators has definitely fallen on a sour note, these people reveal this information under conditions of anonymity.

According to the White House acting chief mister Mulvaney, another shutdown of the government is not out of the question and continues to be on the discussion table.

Mr. Mulvaney confirmed that President Donald Trump would most likely be willing at this point to do a compromise regarding the 5.7 billion dollar construction price that he has demanded for the last few weeks.

However, sources continue to confirm that even close to 6 billion US dollars would not be enough money to finish constructing this Mexican wall.

President Trump’s initial estimation for the wall back in 2016 political campaign in order to build a 3057 kilometers barricade on the border has now dropped down to 321 kilometers.

As we understand it, there is at this time insufficient Republican support in order the shut-down the government one more time if Mr. Trump wishes to do so.

President Trump continues to dismiss publicly the lawmakers/negotiators attempts at coming to a compromise regarding this Mexican wall as a “waste of time”, President Trump feels that the Democratic party actually is a tempting to shut down the government in order to gain attention away from the economic situation and any positive news regarding his administration.

Sources say President Trump is continuing to flex his political muscle with executive powers by attempting to unilaterally tap into the existing Federal money to construct this border wall by use of a declaration of a national emergency or even perhaps another presidential action.

Sources continue to emphasize that if Mr. Trump takes any independent News he would be facing certain immediate legal actions and or challenges that in this case Trump administration feels would be successful.

The Trump administration is betting that the actions would show President Trump in a favorable light as being determined to fight for a wall to protect the American people, they also feel that vast amounts of voters are going to blame the federal court system and even Congress instead of the president of the United States.

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