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The Man From ISIS Claims He Broke No Laws

Mohammad Ali was also known as “The Man From ISIS”  was a resident of Ontario Canada, yet for the past 4 years spent fighting for the terrorist group, his weapon of choice was to utilize social media for recruiting new prospects, is now looking for Canadian government assistance to bring him back home.

Mister Ali, states that the well-known ISIS terror group is now abandoning it’s international militants recruitment, since it is according to sources, losing a major foothold against American backed Kurdish fighters.

Mr. Ali who is now 28,  his Canadian born wife and 2 children, and as friends and family members classified this as leaving the family “hung out to dry” in Syria, as it is not safe for them in Syria anymore.

When asked by local media why he should be able to go home to Canada with his family, he replied that he has “done absolutely nothing in Canada”, he stated that he has “broken no laws there at any time”.

Mr. Ali numerous times tried to flee Syria with his family to Turkey when he was thrown out of the terrorist group, however, he was Swifty captured by coalition forces.

Middle East Headlines news team has learned that this family has been detained within Syrian jail for at least 9 months now.

Yet, Mr. Ali at this time is not the only Canadian in Syria that is asking for Canadian governmental assistance, apparently, 2 Canadian women on Sunday left ISIS and surrendered do Turkish coalition forces, this news was released by CNN.

Speaking fluent English these two females claimed they were from Toronto Ontario and Alberta Ontario, they claim they left Canada 2 Syria because of their husband’s persistent insistence.

A nonprofit group called families against violent extremism claims that Canadians who are detained within Syria has reached 27.

According to this nonprofit group, the majority of the detainees are young children age 5 and under.

Global Affairs Canada, States that they are aware of these citizens who are being held in Syrian prisons, however, also stated that the Canadian government has very little power to provide aid at this time.

Richard Walker who is a spokesman for global affairs, said that “given the security situation on the ground the Canadian government’s capability to provide counselor assistance and any part of Syria is extremely limited”.

Mr. Ralph Goodall who is the public safety minister stated that any repatriating international/foreign fighters along with their immediate families are not a priority, he continued to say that the Canadian government will not be putting its diplomatic Representatives at any risk or in any dangerous and dysfunctional area of the world.

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