The judicial structure which controls the use of drones

WASHINGTON – The Federal Government passed a law which controls the use of drones and also sets up the guidelines of use in national airspace, was revealed today in an announcement following the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Therefore, according to the State and federal government, “clear rules of operation” were laid out in the bill accepted today.

The message likewise “establishes the adoption of prevention mechanisms that mitigate the risk associated with the use of this equipment, as well as the capacity of entities with supervisory powers, so as to guarantee effective control whenever the operation of the drone may constitute a threat to public security or protected natural heritage “.

Public aviation reported, between January & September 2018, 43 cases regarding drones, basing on the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), 27 of those in the summertime, representing 60% of occurrences within that period of time.

Around 2017, ANAC registered 37 drone accidents – 36 through public aviation and 1 through an armed forces aircraft – and also registered 17 administrative disputes and filed 9 grievances with the Public Prosecutor.

Within 2013 & 2014, the aviation regulatory authority had no records of this type of occurrences, although, in 2015, ANAC obtained reports of 5 events, a number that tripled to 17 around 2016.

The ANAC policies, effective since January 13th, 2017, restrict the flight of drones (unmanned aerial vehicle) beyond 120 meters high and in the approach and take-off locations of airport terminals.

During July 28th the last decree-law no. 58/2018 came into play, that makes it compulsory to register these kinds of machines weighing over 250 grams, the contracting of public liability insurance coverage with regard to ‘drones’ over 900 grams and states that “A sanctioning framework applicable to those who violate these obligations, in order to properly and proportionally dissuade and censure risk behaviors that may jeopardize the safety of all”.

The legal document establishes that the infraction of the regulation in the usage of the drones could be penalized with a fine of 300 to 7,500 dollars, in addition to short-term restraint or even confiscation of the units.

The national aviation regulatory authority explains that the new law “complements” ANAC Regulation 1093/2016, “since this policy only establishes the conditions of use of airspace (‘air rules for drone pilots’) “.

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