The Current Political Issues in America No One Is Talking About

Below we have listed 3 of the current political issues in America that no one is talking about.

  1. Structural racism

In America, racism has a deep history stemming from the days of slavery. Currently, discrimination against minorities is highest in cases involving people of African descent.

For example, statistics showed that a white applicant is 50% more likely to get a job than a black applicant with the same qualifications. The researchers suggested this was because those hiring were 50% more likely to call back applicants with white-sounding names than those with black-sounding names.

Perhaps the biggest indication of unequal treatment due to race is the prison system.

African Americans are 13% of the general population in America yet they account for more than 40% of those incarcerated

  1. Homelessness

Homelessness is a condition in which an individual lacks reliable, fixed and adequate housing conditions. The number of people in America subject to this definition is alarming, and an indication of poor housing policies by the local authorities.

Rising costs in the housing market lead to evictions which lead to homelessness if public shelters or government housing projects are inadequate for those who find themselves in need. It is also a reflection of our values as a society that shuns the weak and vulnerable.

Policies that can help to ensure proper resource allocation for basic needs should be developed and implemented by policymakers.

Moral obligation and social justice often start through political action.

Government Waste: Your Tax Dollars At Work

  1. Student loans

It is estimated that the college graduates of 2015 will have to delay their retirement until they are 75 years because of the size of their college debt. What is more baffling is that this is only their share of the debt as some will have had their parents take out parent PLUS loans to supplement their kids.

Over 70% of students graduate with student loan debts which at the moment is larger than America’s credit card debt.

The fact that student loan interest rates are twice as high as mortgage rates in the U.S shows that lawmakers have not been practicing economic fairness with a large portion of the population.

There should be policies regulating the standard college tuition fee.

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