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The Arrest Of Aleem Khan – Today Big News In Pakistan

PAKISTAN – Aleem Khan was arrested by National Accountability Bureau team two days ago after he appeared before NAB in money laundering and off-shore company’s cases.

Khan who is associated with Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and was appointed the senior minister in Punjab also resigned from his Local Government and Community Development portfolio soon after he was nabbed.

NAB believed he could not justify the sources of his income and assets abroad.

Khan who was a minister during 2007 is believed to have acquired illegal wealth after corruption, money laundering, and illegal activities.

He stashed his wealth abroad and set up offshore companies to protect his assets. It is interesting to see he has been arrested during the tenure of his own government.

PTI has a strong stance when it comes to corruption and the party leadership seems agreed regarding the anti-corruption agenda.

The arrest of Mr. Khan has warned former minister, politicians, and parliamentarians. The opposition parties PMLN and PPP had been crying over the arrest of their leaders and lawmakers. They believed the NAB was being used for political victimization and it had nothing to do with accountability. 

The former senior minister has various cases still outstanding He is said to be involved in Hexam Investment Overseas Ltd offshore company, another case of assets beyond sources of income and two inquiries of Park View Housing Society, and River Age Housing Society. He has been one of the top contributors of PTI along with Tareen, who was also disqualified for life.

NAB believes he acquired his wealth through illegal means.

Aleem Khan immediately resigned from Local Government along with five other ministries when he was arrested. He believed he has no right to keep the ministries until he clears himself before NAB and the decision is made public. The government and other PTI leadership have appreciated Khan for his decision to resign as a minister. However, this arrest at an unexpected time can prove dangerous for the opposition.

Opposition parties in Pakistan have been claiming the arrest of PMLN leaders and other lawmakers and people involved in corruption was baseless.

However, the arrest of Aleem Khan during his own government proves the PTI is not going to tolerate corruption and or corrupt people. It is today the big news in Pakistan.

“We can expect few more arrests and a nationwide crackdown against the former minister, lawmakers as well as people who held public offices and made wealth beyond the known sources of income”. a source was quoted.





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