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Texas Cops Arrest Man After Finding 3 Dead Kids In An Apartment

TEXAS – Authorities in Texas have apprehended a 27-year-old male after discovering 3 young kids lifeless within an apartment Thursday.

Law Enforcement within Texas City, Merely 77 kilometers (48 miles) southeast of Houston tx, headed to the Pointe Ann Apartments residential complex Thursday mid-day and discovered the kids shot dead. There was even a female there.

One of the youngsters was an infant, yet another was 2 years of ages and yet another was 5 years of ages, authorities mentioned in a statement.

The female is stable inside a medical facility at Galveston.

It was not mentioned what connection she had with the young children.

After that, the law enforcement department obtained a phone call coming from a male that professed to be the one they looked for and also offered to give up.

“This individual was apprehended without incident here in Houston TX”, stated regional officers Ben Starr.

This person refused to identify the party, that is definitely considered an individual or person of interest in this on-going case.

Lieutenant Kenneth Brown informed Middle East Headlines News that the “female was injured, however, is not really in a position to talk to the investigators”.

The individual pointed out that “she was seriously injured”.

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