Testing of Cashier-less Technology by Amazon, To Be Introduced in Large Stores

A recent report published in The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is on roll to scale-up its cashier-less stores in near future. The ecommerce giant is reportedly testing its technology in the larger store. As Amazon has introduce its first cashier-less store in Seattle in way back January this year which is followed by stores in Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago, the company plans soon to introduce its cashier-less technology to all its large stores.

A cashier-less store uses software and camera to detect all the items picked by the customers. As the installed software takes care of the billing automatically, there is no need of manually charging them. This helps customers to save a lot of their time and completely escape the entire check-out process. The cashier-less stores launched y the company till date are much smaller than the typical grocery stores, will only a limited selection of items and fewer people to visit the store. The launch of cashier-less stores was delayed in 2017 because of billing issues when there were over 20 customers inside.

Amazon has reportedly improved the functionalities of the store in the mean time, but it has still some trouble to operate in bigger space. As Amazon apparently has big plans for cashier-less technology, the company is planning to test the technology for larger stores soon. The company aims to open as many as 3,000 cashier-less stores by 2021 to have a better competitive edge over other big names in retail store business such as CVS, Walmart, etc.

Walmart Stores Inc. has previously announced this year that it’s began testing out the cashier-less model at its members only Sam’s Club stores. Jamie Iannone, Sam’s Club Chief Executive said “The future of retail is as much about people as it is about technology” said in October.

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