Terrorist attack in Colombia carried out by ELN

COLOMBIA – Basing on the radio station BlU broadcast, the Terrorist attack in Colombia,  Bogota, against General Santander Cadet Academic institution, that claimed the lives of 21 individuals, was actually performed by the terrorist organization ELN

The Colombian federal government was conducting peace negotiation with this particular incendiary organization, and recently ended talks.

The Attorney General of Colombia, Nestor Humberto Martínez, identified Jose Aldemar Rojas Rodríguez as the mastermind spearheading the assault.

This individual is an active participant out of the Adonay Ardila Pinilla for the ELN.

The subversive front uses the Arauca, Boyaca and Casanare departments as operations hubs.

The authorities disclosed that Rojas Rodríguez was recognized through the alias of ‘Mocho Kico’, and this person is part of the ELN underground, a fighter for 17 years, and an explosives specialist.

The vehicle operated by Rojas Rodríguez was packed with 80 kilos of explosives, a combination of TNT & pentrite, basing on information coming from the Colombian district attorney’s office.

The motor vehicle has gone through a technical-mechanical examination on July 27th, 2018 in the metropolitan area of Arauca, neighboring Venezuela, sources confirmed.

“Even though no armed organization has taken credit for this assault, all of the indicators are that it was carried out through the ELN”. a spokesperson said.

Basing on the most recent review coming from the Colombian law enforcement agency, there are presently 21 deceased and 68 hurt as a result of this attack.

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