Another Form of Terrorism Against Iran is Manipulation and Disinformation

Terrorism Against Iran – The Western media and some Arab countries refused to call it a terrorist attack in Iran, which killed 24 people.

Iran has suffered a new terrorist attack, this time in the city of Ahvaz, in the southwestern part of the country. 

Criminal action that resulted in 24 deaths and dozens of wounded, showing the hypocrisy of the West, when it comes to demonstrating its condemnation, as it usually does when its own cities and citizens are the victims of terrorist attacks.

European governments and their societies did not take to the streets with signs, they do not condemn the terrorism of groups supported by countries to which they sell arms and grant impunity. 

They do not use the correct terminology when it comes to countries and societies, which are not part of their political alliances. They continue to show that double standard, that duplicity which divides the world between inhabitants of first and second class. 

Again, that West led by Washington and its allies, through the tendentious use of their media, specifies a behavior where manipulation, misinformation and lies are part of their international politics.

Means and Power – Terrorism Against Iran

Manipulation and disinformation, which deliberately distorts reality on the part of the so-called media, which express, in the case of the Western media and their partners, the political chronicle of aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran, regarding the attack on the City of Ahvaz.

With greater specificity, I understand the misinformation is the objective, figures, analysis, deliberately manipulated facts, as well as insufficient information or even omitting it is common practice in the western world media.

Reasons why they dream of an Iran in chaos

This is not strange, that the world is like that, that it can not be changed, that manipulation, lies, false news, the use of misinformation. 

Effects of concentration of media in the hands of a few groups

This behavior consists, basically, in the use made by the hegemonic media of events, events or processes in a way that serves their political, economic, ideological and military interests. 

A clearly visible pattern of the Western powers and their allies, through the monopoly of power they possess in terms of radio, television, news agencies, news media, graphic media and those that make up the companies that dominate the so-called social networks. 

For example, says a study by Media Pluralism Monitor , two-thirds of European states have 80% of their media ownership concentrated in less than four groups.

The flow of information in much of the Western media, repeated literally by its similes in the coastal monarchies of the Persian Gulf, Israel, and even in nations as distant as those in Latin America have minimised or downplayed the terrorist attack in Ahvaz. 

An extremist criminal action attributed to a cell of the group Al-Ahvaziya, terrorist movement supported by the Saudi monarchy and claimed responsibility for the killings in an interview with the British news agency Reuters. 

A criminal attack that did not distinguish children, women and men attending a military parade, which commemorated a new anniversary of the beginning in the war against Iraq. 

In general, the analysis of this terrorist act has shown the deceitful face of those who usually fill their covers, editorials and interior pages, their television programs, radio, the most varied adjectives when the victims are from a European city or when it occurs in Some country considered close to the Western powers. 

Terrorism Against Iran, terror, massacre, extremism, consternation, madness 

No semantic effort is spared in describing such attacks as what they are, deliberate acts intended to generate destabilisation and social terror.

But, if those aggression’s of terrorist groups, which same Western powers and their partners have created, organized and supported, happen in cities of Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Iran, there is no talk of terrorism but euphemisms are used: Attacks , Armed actions, armed assault. 

In this way, the importance of these crimes is not granted, placing them in a lower category. 

For the Western media, the victims of the Middle East do not have the status of those killed in their cities.

We must fight the lie and support the decision of Iran that “in the near future, a deadly and unforgettable revenge will be inflicted on the evil and criminal terrorists” who committed the attack in Ahvaz. 

Revenge that must be accompanied by the intensification of his defence, which according to the own authorities of the Persian nation “is an undeniable necessity”. 

One can not give an inch to the pressures, threats and destabilizing action of the criminal triad. 

And the aforementioned must be accompanied by retaliation, punishment of guilty parties and accomplices in an exemplary manner. 

From others, denouncing, publishing the crimes of imperialism, Zionism and Wahhabism are also part of the work in favor of our societies.

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