Let’s Talk about Technology trends 2019 – In today’s world, most of our industries are dependent on the latest technologies. These type of technologies are gaining further development and innovation as time passes. It changes the way people and businesses interact within our world and how organizations compete with each other.

The technology trends in 2019 include the following:


Artificial intelligence is all about performing tasks with repeated interactions. AI allows the industries to tailor products and offer services in the competitive market with other industries.


Blockchain technology is gaining fame with Bitcoins in the market. It is a secure system that records and also verifies transactions, stores trusted records. Companies are making use of blockchain technology in order to transform their centralized, time-consuming, less reliable as well as less-secure operations.


Automation is the top technology trend of 2019 as it allows the technological change with potential social and economic consequences ranging from devices at home or massive machines in industries.

Internet of things:

IOT is the core foundation of most platforms, business models, industries and others which transforms the way we work and live.

Virtual and assisted reality:

It has gained fame in the past few years. It is still trending with modern projects which are dependent on movement detection and 3D projections.

Digital currencies:

Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and others have been commonly used these days as trading currencies. They are gaining fame as the widely used means in terms of exchange- trading.

Augmented reality:

Systems which offer location, 3-D vision, touch sensor, sounds and other functions which allows humans to immerse their presence at some other locations and react to things around them. Organizations are making use of augmented reality tools in their activities such as arts, entertainment, education, commerce, and military. This is also used for training teachers, nurses, doctors as well as police officers.


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Rita Chandon

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