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Technological Advancements In India 2019

If necessity is the parent of invention, India’s massive population make the country fertile for Technological advancements and innovation.

The industry that is ripe for the biggest advancement in India is the technology sector. In general, the current age is drifting toward mechanized and fully automated systems in all areas and India is on the frontlines of the movement.

The main areas are energy production and food production.

Solar power

The government of India began a campaign of implementing a national solar energy grid with a capacity of generating 20 Gigawatts of electricity by the year 2022.

This target was reached and surpassed at least 4 years ahead of the planned deadline. Currently, the state of Rajasthan is the center of a similar undertaking, with projects aimed at attaining an increase in solar energy production by 750 Megawatts.

Already interested companies bidding for the rights of setting up solar power plants in Rajasthan have been lowering the old rates per unit consumption in order to beat their competition. Those who will benefit from this new injection of green energy will also pay less for the utility.

No doubt other states will soon follow in the steps of Rajasthan backed up by the state government which has a new 100 GW solar power target.


As populations increase and viable land for farming reduces, it has become more and more of a challenge sustaining food security for communities. A way to counter this potential crisis has been merging technological advancements with farming methods.

This includes introducing new strains of crops genetically modified to resist certain crop diseases and also to grow faster and yield more during harvest.

In addition to that, the Indian government has plans being implemented to provide air cargo support to popularize farm exports, a new programme for encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with Media Today Group has organized an international exhibition on agriculture to be held in India in 2019.

This exhibition is targeted at all various stakeholders in the agricultural sector and will attract innovators from leading companies and institutions around the globe.

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