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Tarekh Rana – The crime boss of the Seven Star crime group

Tarekh Rana squandered no time at all going far for himself after transferring to Canada 5 years back, to become the crime boss of the Seven Star crime group.

He opened an advancement business east of Toronto and ended up being referred to as a politically-connected international business owner and benefactor.

He contributed to charities and political prospects, and pictures on social networks show him with MPs and mayors.

He won civic awards and was a 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year in Ajax, Ont., where his service is based.

” I’ve checked out 92 nations, and Canada is the very best of them all,” he commented to a regional publication, which envisioned him among the nation’s brand-new titans. He included that the “finest feature of Canada is Canadians.”

” They treat me so great.”

However, an examination by Global News and Bangladesh’s The Daily Star paper has actually discovered striking resemblances in between Rana and a global fugitive implicated of leading a criminal company behind a series of extortions and murders.

Md. Tarekh Rana, owner of the Ajax business SJ71Ltd. Tarekh Rana/LinkedIn

Both Rana and the suspected guy, Khandekar Tanvirul Islam, alias Joy, a supposed leader of the Seven Star crime group, are 52, comparable in looks and resided in Kolkata, India.

Authorities and court records revealed that a male determined by his co-accused as the Seven Star leader was apprehended in Kolkata in 2007 which he used the alias Md. Tarek Rana.

An Indian passport in the name Md. Tarekh Rana is likewise within the Indian court file originating from the arrest, determined as the male who was apprehended.

The birth date, dad’s name, and other mother’s name in the passport match those of the Ajax business owner.

The passport also revealed that it was his, however, he rejected being detained in Kolkata or anywhere else and raised the possibility that he had actually been the victim of identity theft.

“I am now stunned since somebody is using my passport & image,” he reacted in an e-mail.

He insisted that he was just an Indian entrepreneur living in Canada on a work visa.

He and his migration attorney stated that he had actually been cleared by the RCMP, partially through fingerprinting, and that he is not the crime boss of the Seven Star crime group.

However, the parallels between Rana and the other guy are amazing.

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