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Taiwan’s Top Army Official Killed in a Helicopter Crash

BREAKING NEWS – Taiwan’s top army official was amongst 8 individuals killed Thursday shortly after a helicopter brought them to pay a visit to soldiers crashed on a mountainous region close to the capital Taipei, the self-defense administrative agency explained.

The primary part of the chopper lay in a north forest weaved within the haze, its own blades pulverized, as loads of rescuers brushed the wreckage for survivors, photos published by emergency experts revealed.

The main reasons with regard to the accident, in the wake of a mandatory landing, were simply not known, the armed force mentioned in an announcement, including that the head of general personnel, Air Force General Shen Yi-ming, had definitely passed away, although 5 of the 13 onboard made it through.

Shen, who occupied his post around July, was actually Taiwan’s high-ranking general to perish in the line of duty, Leader Tsai Ing-wen stated, including that she had talked to the self-defense minister and prompted him to start an inquiry.

“We need to discover the main reason why this chopper crashed killing Taiwan’s top army official,” she informed press reporters in the northeastern district of Yilan, where the copter had been going after setting out from Taipei.


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