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Syrian Democratic forces attack Islamic State militants

The alleged Islamic State militants were targeted with the heavy military might of the American backed Kurdish fighters.

The Kurdish military used airstrikes as well as massive artillery fire on suspected IS militant locations.

These militants continue to fight back using snipers, booby traps, and even suicide bombers.

Witnesses say ammunition depot’s exploded and fires continued to smolder throughout the area for a full day following airstrikes that set off these massive blasts.

One Commander from the SDF claims that “it must be the main weapons Depot”.

The tiny area that was targeted was actually a very small village called Baghouz that is located in the far Eastern part of Syria.

Yet, small pockets of resistance continue between Syria and Iraq.

These Islamic State militants are considered to be a major threat even with the small numbers suspected still out there.

These IS rebels are scattered throughout the desert just around the porous borders.

Still today, machine gun fire can be heard across this territory, black smoke can be seen burning from ignited barrels of gasoline and burning cars, trucks continue to burn just beyond local farmland that was left abandoned, yet Islamic State militants can be seen by using binoculars still walking around.

The American backed soldiers say that “Islamic State militants are typically hiding in underground bunkers as well as tunnels”.

This fight against these alleged militant groups has been an ongoing conflict within a nation that was and is experiencing civil war for the past 8 years.

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