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Syria urges Kurdish Militias not to Join with the US

The Government of Syria urges Kurdish militias not to betray their homeland and reject any alliance with the United States.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Miqdad lamented on Thursday the cooperation between Kurdish-Arabs and the United States in an interview with the Lebanese television station Al-Mayadeen, in which he even considered the Kurdish people “a tool in the hands “of Washington.

Faced with this situation, the diplomat called on the Kurds to be loyal to their homeland and not put themselves at the service of their enemies, particularly the US, which has killed thousands of civilians in the attacks of the “coalition”. “Which says fight the Takfiri terrorist group ISIL (Daesh, in Arabic).

Currently, the Kurdish militias Popular Protection Units (YPG, for its acronym in Kurdish) and Syrian Democratic Forces (FDS) control de facto almost 30% of the Syrian territory in the north and east of the country, backed by the illegal “Coalition against ISIL” led by the US.

The head of the Arab country also referred to the latest movements of the Turkish Army in northern Syria, and stressed that Damascus “will never allow Turkey to control even a centimeter of Syrian territory.”

The deputy minister also underlined the firmness of Damascus to liberate, once and for all, the northwestern province of Idlib, which remains in the grip of armed bands and extremist factions related to Al-Qaeda since 2015.

“Turkey has to understand that we will not accept the survival of armed groups in Idlib,” he stressed. According to Al-Miqdad, Ankara’s support for the armed men based in Idlib does not help Turkey’s security and stability.

Ankara and its allies of the Free Syrian Army (SLA) have occupied since the beginning of 2018 areas of northern Syria as the Kurdish city of Afrin, despite the outright rejection of the Syrian Government. From these positions, Turkey supports armed groups to confront the Kurdish militias.

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