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Iran is willing to help Syria military

Senior Iranian military official says Iran is willing to help Syria military, if Damascus asks, to confront US troops. in his country.

Brigadier General Hosein Dehqan, adviser to the Iranian Leader in defense industry affairs, has denounced the illegal military presence of the United States in Syria.

USA must leave Syria, since it was not there at the invitation of the Syrian government, “he said in an exclusive interview with the Russian network RT , published on Sunday.

“If the Syrian government and people want to confront the US forces east of the Euphrates, Iran is willing to militarily support Syria in such a confrontation, if we are officially asked,” said Dehqan, who also served as minister of Defense of the Persian country between 2013 and 2017.

The Syrian authorities have repeatedly condemned the “illegal” presence of US forces in strategic areas of the country, where Washington says it is preparing its troops for confrontations against the terrorist group ISIL .

Damascus, however, believes that the US trains and equips in its military bases in Syria, different terrorist groups and rebels who oppose the Syrian Government, and thus sabotage the counter-terrorist operations of the Syrian Army.

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