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Trump Told Swedish protester Greta Thunberg To”Work On Her Anger Problem”

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United States Commander in chief Donald Trump urged Swedish protester Greta Thunberg, to work on her “anger problem” and even go to the movie theater to “relax.”.

” Extremely outrageous. Greta needs to work on her anger management issue, and then go see a really good movie with a friend! Relax, Greta, relax,” the leader recorded on his Twitter social media network profile.

No more than an hour following Trump’s update, the activist modified her bio on Twitter: “A teenage girl that works on her anger management issue. At the moment unwinding and viewing a great film from the past together with a good friend.”

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Trump says Relax, Greta, relax.

That very same week, Brazilian Leader Jair Bolsonaro slammed the conspicuousness regarding Greta Thunberg, 16, with climate change advocacy, and even called her “spoiled. “.

Not long after, the Swedish protester Greta Thunberg changed her “bio” on Twitter, only using the expression “Spoiled.”.

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