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Surviving An Abusive or Narcissistic Partner – The Aftermath

To survive any heartbreak is like flying down a steep hill with no breaks and just hoping for a safe landing.

When you have been in a relationship that was with an abusive or narcissistic partner it can feel like you are being thrown down that hill headed straight for a concrete wall. An expert on relationships, specifically narcissistic or abusive ones, Meli Hickman explains there are milestones to get to in order to heal from the loss of this toxic partnership.

1) Grieve – Even if it was for the best, it was a loss and you had a connection with someone and it needs to be grieved like any other loss. Cry, laugh and then cry again.

2) Find You – Many times we forget who we are in relationships and even more so when they end, it is at this moment that you are reborn. Find your passions, your wants, your needs, your likes, and even your dislikes, enter a relationship with yourself to truly learn the value of you.

3) Be Kind – It is during this time that you need to dig deep and be kind to yourself. Eat well, reach out to your friends, workout, meditate, read and/or write.

4) Talk To Someone – It’s okay to get your mind right after the trauma you went through and yes it is trauma. Seek out someone who can help you through this journey. You deserve happiness.

5) It’s Hard – Of course, it’s hard but staying with an Abusive or Narcissistic Partner who harms you is harder and could be deadly. Remember love doesn’t hurt nor does it control, we are not blinded by the love we are blinded by manipulation.

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