The SuperIntelligence concept and fear of a Computer System smarter than the human brain has been around for quite some time. Having an entity that is smarter than the human race, which will put the fate of the entire human population at peril, is indeed a horrible thought. But fiction might not be that far from reality.

As Artificial intelligence advances and progresses with faster and more complex problem solving cognitive and learning abilities, we get closer to a smarter intelligence system. “The development of AI might be the worst event in our history”, as mentioned by Stephen Hawking himself.


An AI system is developed to automate the thinking process at any stage. It is capable of thinking and processing a specific problem like a human brain and coming up with a solution and learning with time to make this thinking process more efficient. Imagine an AI system, capable of solving multiple problems and having access to the internet which is virtually connected to the entire world. The element of fear creeps in where we imagine the AI system getting smart enough to gain “self-awareness”. A computer system having access to the entire world’s energy plants, weapon systems and information network can wreak havoc if the super intelligent system wills to.


Designing a computer system which surpasses the level of the human brain might not be as easy as it sounds. AI systems are designed as problem-specific logical calculators. If a smart home app is tasked to design the most energy-efficient car, it might fail to do so. The human brain is a true wonder of nature and is capable of solving multiple problems logically. Therefore, for an AI system to come close to the human brain might not be possible in the near future, however, given the exponential rate of learning displayed by AI systems, a supercomputer plugged into the internet might be able to get there.


It all comes down to the risk worth taking. There is no guarantee but only the fear of the unknown that drives our phobia. AI is far more useful in energy production, medical science and even in making our daily lives bliss than to give it up for fear from fiction. Although, the possibility of a rogues, self-aware and super intelligent computer is quite possible, having the right countermeasures beforehand just to be on the safe side might be a good idea, a computer Kryptonite – if you will.


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Rita Chandon

Rita – After graduating from NYU with a master degree in history,  She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Rita mostly covers business and community, but at times love to write about world topics as well