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Stop Blessing Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Russian Orthodox Church wants to stop blessing weapons of mass destruction. Where does this custom originate from and why clergymen intend to eliminate it?

Since the 12th century, the Russian Orthodox Religion blessed the swords of younger soldiers as a sign of their determination to protect their country. This practice continues today, however, the weapons which are ordained are not daggers and arrows, but a lot more powerful ones, featuring those capable of mass devastation.

The all-new venture, released on February 3rd on the Russian Orthodox Church website, calls to omit that ceremony from pastoral practice. 

The blessing of any type of weapon whose usage might trigger the death of men and women, ” weapons of indiscriminate results and mass destruction,” do not necessarily mirror the custom of the Orthodox Religion nor do they “represent the blessing of army weapons, “points out the paper.

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The blessing of army weapons continues

Russian patriarch Kiril considers it proper to bless the means of transportation of the armed forces on land, on the water and even in the sky because what is looked for is not a blessing of artilleries, rockets or even explosives, but Soldier protection.

The clergyman Pavel Ostrovski representing the Sanctuary of Jorge de Cappadocia at Najábino, Moscow territory, explained that folks in some cases incorrectly believe that what is ordained is the weapons, however, actually, it has to do with the safety of troops.

The churchman claimed that “war is a great evil.”

“The Congregation blesses individuals and soldiers to safeguard their birthplace or homeland, certainly not to attack anybody, only to protect,” this individual said.

Pavel Ostrovski explained that the Church consistently felt that even those protecting the motherland, doing a task or carrying out his/her duty, continues to break the holy command of God “not to kill”.

“As a result, folks that came back from any battle after having carried out murders needed to feel remorse and to confess,” the priest mentioned.

The intent to stop the blessing of weapons of mass destruction will be delivered to the jurisdictions of the Russian Church in order to reveal their perspectives about the matter.

The discussion is accessible to everyone that wants to take part. The compilation of viewpoints is going to remain up until June 1st, 2020.

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