Spotify May Include Import Music Feature for Its Android Users

Leading virtual music streaming app Spotify is reportedly testing a brand new feature for its Android users, one that would allow Android users to import songs from their phone or tablet. Jane Manchun Wong, a famed experimental feature analyst has reported that the underdevelopment feature will allow users to import their phone’s local music into its app. So, you could listen to that certain platform exclusive music alongside the latest streaming hits of Spotify. The popular music streaming platform is also testing a “saved for later” feature for its podcast episodes that would let users preserve material for future viewing.

It’s also hoping to declutter podcast episode menus to easily move descriptions into a separate screen, it’s trying a reworked Library view that would create an automatic playlist out of user’s favorite songs. Although there is no guarantee that any of these under testing features will make it into a finished release, if they do become widely available, Spotify’s mobile app will be your next one-stop destination for all audio playbacks. In-depth compatibility testing will likely be required from Spotify, considering file imported from desktop can also be played on mobile. This means it could be months before we see Spotify’s import feature on Android.

Additions to all these, few small but useful feature lists are also going to be in light from Spotify in near future. Users will be able to swipe horizontally to switch between the songs, albums and other sections of the app. The design is also targeted to look a bit cleaner, so that will be a big relief for those who hate app clutters. As of now, the time frame for these feature updates don’t have any confirmation, But, hopefully, we will soon see them.

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