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Spain Intends to be Independent of Trump and NATO

The Podemos alliance will claim an international protocol that Spain is independent of Trump and NATO, and an army that is a branch of NATO interests.

“We do not need Donald Trump to be the one to control our defense protocol,” Marta Abengochea, a political candidate of the Podemos, informed the Spanish Government of Deputies Sunday.

Furthermore, this individual emphasized that it is essential that Spain remain autonomous to the globe powers whenever making a decision on how it links with other nations.

The membership of Spain within the Northern Atlantic Accord Association (NATO) is certainly the primary barrier to its own self-reliance, claimed Abengochea, ever since this particular institution operates anyplace in the entire world without having the permission of the United Nations Security Committee. (CSNU), in opposition to worldwide regulation and under the instructions of the United States, “this person mentioned.

Abengochea described that this kind of interferences frequently happens, with the exclusive goal of keeping the upper hand regarding crude oil reserves, or even the supremacy of geostrategic areas on the planet.

Because of this, Spain rejected the subservience of Madrid to the Atlantic Partnership in terms of international protocol, indicating that this fact conditions the defense plan in all of its perspectives.

“Evidence of this is that the armed forces, and navigating areas through NATO,” this person explained, after regretting that Spain has recently yielded or gave up its own sovereignty to the United state of America, with Rota and also Morón, “the guy revealed.

Coming from the viewpoint of army expenditures, the individual added in, United We can decline the demands of the occupant of the White House and even of NATO to ensure that Spain allows 2% of the Gdp (GDP) to expenditures of the armed forces.

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