SpaceX, Elon Musk believes an Asteroid will hit Earth

The president of SpaceX, Elon Musk, is certain that a large asteroid is going to eventually hit the earth. Basing on Musk, “we at the moment lack any type of defense” against asteroids.

In reaction to a twitter update created by comic Joe Rogan, Musk stated he will not stress over the asteroid Apophis, that is presumed to travel close to our planet during 2029.

Nevertheless, a “huge rock” is going to at some point strike Earth, and there is literally nothing at all we can do about it. said Musk.

“I would not fret regarding this one in particular, however, a significant rock will certainly reach our planet at some point, and our experts at the moment, do not have any way to protect us from it,” Musk twittered.

The SpaceX agency won a $ 69 million dollars deal to assist with the asteroid diversion using its Dual Asteroid Redirection Testing device (DART).

The rock concerned carries the Greek title of “Apophis” – the old god of Egypt Apep, that implies destroyer -, and will soar around 30,500 kilometers over the Planet’s surface area on April 13th, 2029.

NASA, consequently, mentions that the asteroid which is around 335 meters wide, may pass near our planet with no complication, saying that it is really “unusual” for an asteroid of this particular dimension to travel at this real close range.

Any type of probability of an accident during 2036, when Apophis comes back, has likewise been eliminated by NASA.

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