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Sicilian airport terminal reopens after Mount Etna’s eruption

Italy’s Catania flight terminal is actually reopening after an ash cloud coming from Mount Etna flared up forcing it to close down.

The airport terminal in the Mediterranean tropical island of Sicily claims it’s providing restricted access on Tuesday, managing four airline flights an hour.

In excess of one hundred tremors have already rattled the populated slopes of Mount Etna recently, with one of the most powerful tremors registering at 4.3.

Mount Etna erupts near Sicily

The volcano’s seismological lookout station said that “a brand new crack” had opened up around its southeast crater.

Etna is among 3 active volcanoes within Italy and recently has been especially active from July to the present date.

On Monday, walkers or hikers on Etna were literally pulled down from the greater altitudes for their safety and security.

Zero evacuations were revealed at this time.

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