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Sexy Argentinian Sports Newscaster Buys Smaller Boobs


A number of females would die to have huge boobs, however  that’s certainly not what happened when to a prominent Sexy Argentinian sports newscaster, who chose surgical reduction treatment in order to minimize her boobs, to make sure that people would “look at my face when I speak.”

24-year-old reporter Natalia Jersonsky, referred to as Nati Jota, is without a doubt a well-known ESPN media personality in Argentina, who disclosed in a video clip on social networks how she had surgical treatment in order to reduce the bulk of her bosom, so folks will take her seriously.

Jota, whose Instagram cleavage pics boast more than a million fans, uploaded a video recording of herself right before engaging with surgical procedure, describing the reasons she was actually going in for the extreme cut..

” I want people to look at my face when I speak,” she stated.

She complained, that any time she would upload a picture where she thought she looked cute, all the comments merely “focused on her boobs.”

Along with a post of herself half-smiling in a hospital bed after the successful operation, the Sexy Argentinian sports newscaster posted a picture showing her dressed and recovered where she thanked everyone for their support.

So far it doesn’t look like Nati Jota’s following has shrunk alike her cup size.

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