Senior Living Smart Homes

Humankind has come a long way from using caves and trees as shelters and nests, to the evolution of Senior Living Smart Homes of today, with the advent of technology, machines slowly took over the everyday mundane tasks of laundry, dishwashing, and even entertainment. These appliances, however, needed a human operator.

Can you imagine coming back from work, having your Air Con set at just the right temperature, the lights set according to your mood and even your favorite playlist on your stereo – All Automatically. Yes, that is the idea behind a smart home. Confused? Let’s see how it builds up to this stage.


With the advent of computers, the idea of AI became more pronounced in the shape of systems capable of complex logical based problem solving and learning. As the size of computers got smaller, artificial intelligence became more applicable to everyday use and even households.

The evolution of smart homes and AI 

With the availability of AI platforms like Google Home, Apple Home and even Amazon jumping on the bandwagon, the possibilities are limitless. Just a few pertinent uses of AI in daily households are as under

Remote Control

Managing your home while being away has never been easier. Forgot to turn off an appliance? No problem, just open your smart home app on the phone and problem solved! AI can learn your habits and patterns including timings and with added sensors like cameras, it can come closer to managing your home as you would.


Tired of checking who’s at the door every time? AIs learning platform can use facial recognition from your contact list to know who’s at come to visit! Automatic Burglar Alarm may be a lifesaver informing the police at a time without any required confirmation from you.


AI can also be used to monitor your and your family’s health. Smart sensors can check your vitals regularly alerting you of any irregularities, recommending doctors and even medication. In case of a medical emergency, the AI system can alert the medical services and your family at the same time. Handy right?

Energy Saving

Who doesn’t want to save a few extra bucks on electricity bills? Using AI Home applications plugged into your home appliances can make it possible. The AI system can learn to use the energy of smart homes  in the most efficient way by minimizing the use of appliances when not required including altering timings of lights according to your sleep pattern

Where to from here

The possibilities of using AI in homes are endless. As the AI world gets interconnected with social media and other information available on the internet, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to have your household in shape without even thinking about it. The only limit is our imagination.


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