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An Oncologist Reveals the Secret to Preventing Cancer

The internet is constantly making an effort to sell you the secret to preventing cancer, However, what dramatically decreases the danger of getting this specific condition is not a healthy and balanced lifestyle or even modifications in eating behaviors, but frequent medical examinations noted Oncologist Alexandr Dorofeyev. 

” In order to minimize the threat, it is essential, to start with a visit to the physician. This enables our team to recognize the peritumoral pathologies and start the prevention process, and also pinpoint any condition at an early stage that permits specialists to treat the individuals a lot quicker, much cheaper and even less psychological issues,” the physician from the clinical scientific research informed Middle East Headlines, news team.

This is actually the way cancer cells trick body defenses

Basing on Dr. Dorofeyev, it can never be claimed that there is just one forbade food item for all. Having said that, the specialist confessed that animal protein products feature a much higher occurrence in the creation of colon cancer.

Nor does he advise eating a great deal of dark chocolate, or coffee drinks, including wine in the event that anyone has mastitis, “solely in moderate quantities.”

The oncologist claimed that the secret to preventing cancer is to consume plant-based foods items, for example, fresh vegetables and fruits which contain numerous necessary vitamins and even antioxidants.

“They benefit everybody, however, certainly not for disease protection,” Dorofeyev explained.

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