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Saudi Arabia stops fuel ships to Yemen

Saudi Arabia magnifies the siege over Yemen by seizing a ship which was simply carrying fuel to the locals of Al-Hudayda.

Saudi Arabia along with its own allies took a ship which shipped fuel oil by-products to the people of Al-Hudayda and prevented the entrance of 3 additional ships to this particular port city,” claimed Yahya Sharaf, vice president from the Maritime Organization’s panel of directors Sunday.

“Even though these ships had the consent of the USA Nations (UN), the Riyadh regime did not permit all of them to the port of Al-Hudayda”, including the source.

The maritime obstruction enforced through Saudi Arabia and the hold-ups have had a powerful effect on humanitarian supplies, considering that ships have incurred a substantial amount of delay time when standing by to unload.

“Which as a matter of fact, makes things challenging when sending out humanitarian assistance to Yemen“, said regional press agency SABA News.

Saudi Arabia and even the allies, during March 2015, commenced an unmerciful armed forces campaign in opposition to Yemen, so as to bring back the previous Yemeni ex-president, Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi, to power.

The United Nations has regularly spoken with the Al Saud establishment to put an end to this ” stupid war “.

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