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Sanctions Against Russia Aimed At Weakening Its Economy

The objective regarding sanctions facing Russia is simply to deteriorate its economic condition and therefore deny Russia of a powerful military, announces a previous United States diplomat.

“We want their economy to be weaker since a strong economy supports strong military power,” John Herbst, a past United States ambassador, claimed on Saturday,  within Ukraine, in a press conference to the Ukrainian network Priami.

By doing this, Washington does not intend to permit an “aggressive state” such as Russia, basing on his words, “to have a strong army and a strong economy,” and so anti-Russian sanctions cater to USA interests.

The executive of the Eurasian Facility of the Atlantic Committee likewise defended the actions of the United state of America in opposition to the Russian Federation, claiming that they had an “unfavorable impact on the Russian overall economy.”

Within this framework, the ex-diplomat referred to information coming from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), that, in his viewpoint, “because of sanctions Russia’s (GDP) sheds a minimum of 1% annually.”

These types of claims arrived shortly after the European Union (EU) made a decision on Thursday to stretch out for yet another 6 months the economic sanctions for Russia, enforced back in 2014 due to the situation in far eastern Ukraine.

The EU anti-Russian sanctions arrive at a period when strains among Kiev and Moscow have enhanced over a naval occurrence at the end of November on the Ocean of Azov, situated between Crimea – reincorporated in 2014 to Moscow – and Ukraine – a situation of a dispute which faces Ukraine and the pro-independence movement.

The connections between Moscow & Washington as well as Brussels, are experiencing major tensions on numerous matters, involving Crimea and the disagreement in far eastern Ukraine, a couple of matters for which both the EU and the United States has enforced numerous rounds of economic penalties against Russia.

Having said that, Russia, rejects the allegations elevated through the Western world concerning the part the Kremlin played for Ukrainian problems, firmly insists that responses of this particular kind are extremely detrimental and has reacted using revengeful steps opposing the sanctions.

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